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Born To Rebel is an innovative artistic fashion brand, designed in a unique urban rock style for babies and young children. The brand was created out of a great love for the legendary Bob Dylan, and to meet the needs that exist for high quality contemporary clothing and textiles for mothers who want to connect their little rebels to cheeky, vibrant fashion. As the mother of two little rebels, my goal was to combine two worlds I really love: rock ‘n roll and art, and create a one-of-a-kind brand in which every item would be designed with great thought and made in a limited, exclusive quantity. Each of our collections is illustrated by artists who have their own unique style, and offer quality, style, aesthetic and originality for mothers who, like me, demand only the very best for their children. We work with different artists on every new collection, and thus our special style is preserved. Our product line includes shirts, pants, overalls and textiles, all produced in limited quantities. Born To Rebel products are influenced by the world of rock and are designed using fabrics printed with a variety of icons and styles including Bob Dylan, skulls, stars, peace signs and guitars.

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