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When passion burns, it’s only a matter of time before it erupts. During 2011, Ori, 26, an amateur painter at the time, chose to realize his talent for illustration into a career. Ori contacted quite a few publishers, art galleries and shows, and for two years searched for his breakthrough. Despite numerous rejections, Zlotnik never lost his motivation and continued going to his local café every day, where he sat from afternoon to dawn concentrating on creating the unique style that sets him apart from other contemporary artists. One day at that same local café, Ori met Hadas Fuxbrunner, a talented and unique artist who later became his partner. Together, they established the Latto Velara studio, a place that allows their immense talent to be expressed. In 2017, after graduating from her studies in shoe design, Hadas launched Fuxbrunner. The brand was immediately adopted by fans of the studio, and very soon gained a loyal following of its own. Even today, the couple continues to combine their creative skills in perfect harmony – Ori with his unique humorous style and unique drawings, and Hadas with her mesmerizing painting skills, and together they are developing the two brands and branching out into new directions in order to give their customers the very best – in terms of both quality and originality. I met Ori and Hadas about two years ago as a customer who loves their work. I immediately told them about my plans for the future, and shared with them my great passion for art and my admiration for artists like them who know how to express their explosive talents on clothing, footwear, bags, accessories, etc. I knew from the very first moment that it would be with them that I would do my first collaboration once my brand was launched.

Ori identified my vision, the direction in which my mind and imagination were going, and we immediately found a connection based on a love for rock ‘n roll, the dark, skulls, and most importantly – Bob Dylan. Ori created the two most amazing illustrations, Rock ‘n Roll Kids and Children of Freedom, and I’m sure we will continue having successful collaborations in the future. You can see more of their work on their website:


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