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Updated: Feb 26, 2023


It all started with my needs as the mother of a newborn. I couldn’t find any clothes that addressed my style, my taste, my world.

Most of the colors were mixed, colorful, gender-based – exactly the opposite of who I am, and anyone who knows me knows that black is the color that dominates my closet.

I wanted unique, casual and comfortable, a delicate combination of a kind of sweet toughness together with the seriousness and style of adults, and most of all I didn’t want to see my child’s clothes being worn by other children. I wanted originality. That’s when I decided to take a step forward, to fulfill all my needs for myself, and to hope that like me, other parents facing the same problems would see my brand as a dream come true.

The inspiration for my work was my blackery style, the skulls I love, the rock music to which I am connected, my love for unconventional art, and of course, my main muse, my beloved Bob Dylan. I did, after all, name my second son Dylan, but that’s a totally different story. I decided to combine rock'n'roll with art. To create unisex designs without any gender-based colors, and with a different message. I can now finally say that my dream has become reality and that the brand is coming alive after quite a few bumps, versions, and some very important fine-tuning. Now that I feel complete about every little detail, I am proud and ready to present it to the world. It’s a pleasure to meet you, We are a one-of-a-kind brand that combines art and rock ‘n roll, where every item will incorporate an illustration created by an incredible artist. I have produced a limited quantity of each design in order to create a uniqueness, and every collection will include different guest artists, each with their own different and unique statement, which will always, of course, connect to music.


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